Secrets of Successful Affiliates?

Which Affiliate Product Gives You Repeat Business with 0% Refund?

Finding a good product to promote is an essential step to make a decent income, and with the flood of info-products, it's getting harder and harder to find the right product that appeals to the prospects.

As we offer high quality custom service with very high conversion rate, this could be the perfect solution for your search for the goldmine product. Here's why you should work with us:

 Priced To Sell, Not To Rip Off Customers

Let's face it! A lot of affiliate products' prices are pumped up to cover affiliate commission. The merchant makes the same profit while the affiliates have hard time selling the over-priced products. And you end up with unsatisfied customers and bad reputation.

On the other hand, we priced our services low enough that you won't have any problem selling it to the most saaviest prospects. You can easily beat any competition in any market. But we won't sacrifice your commission or the quality of our work for the sake of low price.

 High Commission

We pay generous 20% commission for each order. That's a great rate for custom services! What good is 75% commission if you can't sell it? Our professional service has proven to be an indispensable web service by so many customers.

 0% Refund!

In the last 5 years we've been in this business, we've had almost 0% refund request! Talk about happy customers! A lot of digital products suffer from high refund rate - even up to 40% - probably the biggest pitfall for info-products. Whether it's due to low quality of the product or dishonest customers, high refund rate takes the huge bite out of your commission check.

Even great info-products will have pretty high refund rate simply because it's darn easy to get one with digital products. But with our one-on-one custom service, refund is just out of question! Less refund quickly adds more profit up to your bottom line.

 Repeat Business

This is a hidden treasure. Here's why. You just read a great e-book. Would you buy the same copy again because you liked it so much? Or would you tell your friend to buy it because it's great? You should, but most people would just send the file to their friends. That's why most info-product sales end up at a dead end unless you build a list and follow up.

On the other hand, you just had a nice haircut and you liked the new style. Would you go to your friends and cut their hair yourself? Of course not! You'll tell them to go to the same hairstylist, not to mention, you'd go back to the same shop for your next trim job. That's the beauty of custom service compared to product sales, especially digital products. Custom service brings in repeat business!

Why doesn't everyone else sell custom service, then? Becuase it takes skills for the work and time for customer service. Now you don't have to do that yourself, while reaping the benefits a custom service business has to offer. Think about all those niche marketers, new home businesses, ever-growing bum-marketing sites and you are getting repeat businesses from all of them. This is a real business plan, not just quick one-off sales.

 Variety of Products and Services

We constantly add new products and services to our catalog. Within the 4 main categories - Design Service, Marketing Service, Content Service, and Marketing Products - you'll find a variety of products and services that would serve various needs of niche marketers and Internet businesses.

If a new marketing technique, or a web style becomes fashionable, we sure will add it to our services and products. Since our products and services are sold on the same site, you'll continue to receive commission for new additions without having to change your old link. Unlike other products that were once hot and then disappeared forever, your affiliate link will continue to bring in income. Why waste your hard-earned ranks and links when it can continue to work for you?

 Professional Services

Wouldn't it be nice if you can provide high quality professional services your customers would thank for, while making a great income?

We don't stop until our customers are completely satisfied. Our work is monitored and reviewed by the customers along every step of the process making sure that our customers get what they expected from us.

 Great Affiliate Support

We are well aware of the fact that we only make money when you make money. That's why we'll try everythig to help you sell more. We'll create new and updated marketing materials for you, and send you tips on advanced marketing techniques. Our marketing materials include banners, emails, articles, keywords, and even complete web pages that you can just upload and start sending traffic to it. If you have a list or have consistent traffic to your site, you may request for custom web design for free. We'll make custom pages to fit your current site design.

You can also opt to receive sales notification. Whenever you make a sale, you'll receive an email notification. Also, you can track your sales and see the stats all in an easy-to-analyze view.

 Special Bonuses You Can Give Away

If you are serious about promoting our products and services, you can, and should, use our special bonuses which you can give away as a bonus when someone buys from you. These are not useless free e-books or yesteryears' free reports. These special bonuses are not available for regular affiliates who use hoplinks since they are updated regularly. These are secret tools you can use to beat your competition!

With all these great tools and the power of selling custom services, you'd have to be crazy not to join. Come in and find out what's in the affiliates corner!


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