Eye-Popping eCover Design

Give Life To Your Product and Boost Your Conversion by up to 300%!

Nobody would argue that the Internet is the best new way of making a living without the stress of J.O.B. And the best product to sell online is the info-product - easy to create, no storage or delivery cost... After all, which other products can beat unlimited quanity, instant delivery and 24/7 sales potential?

But one problem with digital products is that you cannot "show" your product to your prospective customers. When we buy a book, we pick up the book, look at the cover, read the title and flip through the pages. We can "feel" the product before we buy one. You can't do that with an ebook. However valuable information your ebook may contain, it's hard to compete with physical books because you can't convey the physical sensation that comes with the physical counterpart.

That's why people are 300% more likely to buy a digital product when they see the presentation image of the ebook, or other digital products, in a format that's familiar to them already - book cover, software box, CD, DVD case, etc. They are called eCOVERS. By showing the 3-D image of the product, you put a clear image into your buyers' minds what they are paying for. Various cover formats have been developed to match the type of digital products. You can see these samples.

You pick the best eCover format that describes your product and we will create the best visual presentation of your digital or intangible product whether it's an e-book, software, an audio, a video, a membership or a one-time pass.

You can order an eCover design for only $47 today!

Give your product a new life. Remember, your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

If you need another cover design for the same product, we will send you a special discount link after the first payment for $20 for each additional design, e.g. e-book cover with a mbership card, software box with a matching newsletter report, etc.